Why Buying Third Party Offers of Windows 10 Product Keys is Not Advisable

mobile phoneTopics about windows 10 product key purchase drew attention after complaints about subreddits offering product keys to use in upgrading to Windows 10, surfaced at Reddit. Still the scam was a case of
“Caveat emptor” or of the buyer being wary of false representations made by a third party. The buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of the merchandise being offered, before making a purchase.

After all, Microsoft made it known in 2016 that the Windows 10 they launched came with a digital license instead of a product key. The digital license stated in Microsoft’s Terms of Services Agreement became the activation element of Windows 10.

The replacement of a Windows 10 product key was necessary since Microsoft wanted to simplify the process of installing and activating the Windows 10 program in a buyer’s computer. Besides, it is also Microsoft’s way of preventing unauthorized installation and use of its Windows 10 software.

Digital License in Lieu of Product Keys to Simplify Installation of OS Software

Simplifying the activation process involved storing information about every buyer’s digital license in Microsoft’s activation servers during the first stage of installation. Users must also maintain a Microsoft account to which the digital license and computer hardware were linked from where the second stage of activation takes place. The digital license activates the Windows 10 online as soon as the Windows 10 buyer makes contact with the digital license servers.

Buyers Must Also be Wary of Offers of Installing Windows 10 in a Mobile Phone

mobile phoneQuestions whether the Windows 10 OS can be installed to run as the operating system of a mobile phone have been provided with answers at the Microsoft Support site. Apparently, the question received a negative response, which came with an explanation that the Android mobile operating system is incompatible with the Windows 10 OS program.

There are third party providers of an emulator application that allows mobile phones to operate a Windows 10 OS on top of the Android system. The emulator tool is said to be quite powerful as it can mimic the behavior and functions of the Windows 10 OS in ways that makes the OS compatible with the Android system.

While there are providers of emulators that have been proven trustworthy and reliable, a mobile phone is at risk of overheating because emulators use up enormous measures of processing capacity. While emulators are regarded as generally safe to use, users of emulators provided by an unreliable source could introduce viruses or malware to their mobile phone.